MWC 2019 | Rockchip launched ALL-IN-ONE 3D Development Platform jointly with UNRE


 The annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the world's famous mobile event of the year. It's also the venue where many of the top phone makers, consumer electronics manufacturers and technology rookies will reveal their flagship products and innovations for the year. Rockchip jointly with UNRE, a 3D AI technical company that is committed to the development and application of 3D vision intelligence technology, launched ALL-IN-ONE 3D Development Platform, UNRE 3DSENZ AIO.


Powered by RK3399 and RK1608, ALL-IN-ONE 3D Development Platform supports 3D sensing of TOF (Main Camera) and Structure light (Front Camera), highly integrated the UNRE 3D SENZ Engine to achieve the high accurate face and object 3D scanning, 3D reconstruction, 3D size and spatial measurement. The ALL-IN-ONE Development Platform, UNRE 3DSENZ AIO, is a turnkey total solution for 3D application development.


3D AI vision technology is widely used in robotic navigation, autopilot, UAV, AR/VR/MR, 3D reconstruction, human-computer interaction, intelligent manufacturing and other fields. At present, TOF technology and 3D structured light are the main directions of 3D AI vision technology. 3D structured light focuses on close-range face unlocking, face recognition, which is suitable for face ID payment, 3D beauty and other functions. TOF is perfect for long-distance 3D information acquisition. It collects more 3D information of environment and objects and displays collected information through AR, holographic image to apply it to larger scenes, like 3D fitting, AR decoration, AR games, Motion Sensing Game etc.


In the future, high bandwidth of 5G network will guarantee the information transmission speed for 3D vision technology. There will be an outbreak of applications like 3D video calls, remote VR of virtual scene + virtual scene, remote AR of virtual scene + real scene, remote JR of real scene + real scene, etc. Powered by RK3399Pro + RK1608, ALL-IN-ONE 3D Vision Development Platform will provide efficient and complete development tools for the 3D vision application industry, and jointly create more breakthrough innovative applications in the 5G era.

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